“To walk in nature is
to witness a thousand miracles.”

Mary Davis

HikeFinder for Dirtlings

The HikeFinder for Dirtlings spreadsheet started as a note in my phone; grew to a Google doc, and now is a growing spreadsheet, blooming with promise! At least once a month for the last decade, my friend Katie from Boston and I have met up to hike and enjoy post-hike brunch & drinks (hence the food/drink pairing” category). I am working to augment/update the spreadsheet and this website with my favorite hikes, particularly in the Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts area. Please be gentle with our fledgling spreadsheet, and feel free to suggest edits/updates/your favorites!

Hikes on Dirtlings.com

I started this site in November 2020 during the pandemic (future selves, how did we do? I hope everyone is okay and healthy and we learned to care for the collective over only the individual). I’ve filled in some past hikes that I truly love or wrote about elsewhere; most posts will have to be from the future. Posts on this site are separated by categories, so you can look up hikes in various ways.

More Hiking Info

Before you hike anywhere, be sure you have a plan and the right supplies (parking, trail map, orange during hunting season, water, backpack, bug spray, etc.) – I generally am not posting about all of the details on this site. However, there are many wonderful sites that do an excellent job documenting the details of these venues; I invite you to explore and support these sites:

  • AllTrails – app that shows hikes near you; filter by distance, difficulty, dog/kid-friendliness
  • Strava – app that can track your walks/runs; can view other people’s routes as well as explore “segments” which are challenges in which you can compete against your own or other’s previous times
  • Auntie Beak’s Place – Website with a lot of great local hikes.
  • Trails & Walks in Rhode Island – hiking website about RI and nearby areas, sorted by city/town, distance, etc.

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