Avery & Ben - Ryan Park Bridge

Ryan Park #1 – Small Pond Loop

North Kingstown, RI – This is my most frequented park, as it’s less than a mile from my house and has so many options! There are four main trails that I am familiar with, with dozens of smaller trails off of these. I will feature each section with a different post. This entire park is popular for walkers, runners, small kids, bikers, dogs (on-leash), and folx who fish and canoe.

This 1.2 mile loop around the small pond is perfect for kids, as it has multiple bridges, a fish ladder, a lake, a stream, woods, rocks and roots – so much opportunity for adventure!

#1 – Ryan Park Small Pond Loop (kids & dogs)
#2 – Ryan Park Rail Trail (runners & dogs)
#3 – Ryan Park Meadows (runners & dogs)
#4 – Feurer Park (walkers & dogs)

Know Before You Go

Length: 1 mile
Difficulty: easy
Dogs: on-leash
Map: Ryan Park Trail Map
Notes: Fishing and Fowl Hunting are allowed; wearing orange is not required, but never a bad idea!
Our route:

  • Take the Oak Hill Road Entrance with the sign for Ryan Park
  • Drive past the baseball & softball fields; turn right
  • Park in small lot near the fish ladder/bridge (SE corner)
  • Walk over small bridge and follow the main trail, keeping the small pond to your left all the way around; enjoy!

Read more about Ryan Park & plan your trip:

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